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It’s A…

[Drumroll] It’s a BOY! We had a successful peek at the new baby on Thursday, and all is where it should be, for which we are very grateful. The due date is officially May 3, 2016, but knowing our track record it will probably end up being late April, right during a lecture when I’m in the city. We are also excited to find out that it’s a boy, not that a girl would have been disappointing, but just because now we know. Truth be told, Avey was heartbroken to find out that she will again be the odd one out. Especially with the age gap between Carver and her, but with the boys all about 2 years apart, Avey is feeling a little like a lioness among puppy dogs. Thankfully she has good people skills and makes friends easily. She’ll just need to form some lifelong friendships with some girls her age.

We had a very busy week otherwise. I started to feel a little under the weather on Monday. Tuesday was bad enough that I didn’t go into the office, but tried working from the public library, and then Wednesday was completely lost. I slowly felt better on Thursday and have been making strides since, though I’m still not there all the way. For example, yesterday I was very tired and said that I could do just about anything that did not require thinking or jogging, to which Avey replied, “You could do both of those together by jogging your memory.” 

Hakan was about a day ahead of me with the illness, and Kira is now a few days behind, although hers seems milder. At least it is all coming now before we travel, and after the semester. 

Yesterday included a random line from Carver, which is usually good for a laugh. Carver was giving me a big hug, and we were in such a position that Hakan could reach him, and Hakan decided that he wanted to hug me too. To express his jealousy, Hakan began to whack Carver lightly on the back. Carver, in response, said to me, “This is why I want Hakan to go to jail.” The rest of us erupted in laughter, and eventually came to clarify that Carver would simply like Hakan contained on occasion. 

Lastly, and perhaps most random, yesterday evening, as I was pulling into the driveway after some Christmas shopping, I received a call from my sister. Apparently, her roommate had missed a connecting flight and was stuck in Chicago until this evening, but had no place to stay. After a little coordinating, I picked her up and we had a guest! I had met her before, so it was nice to know who it was. What’s funny is that the kids have not left her alone since she woke up this morning. Avey is excited to impress her, Carver wants to show off his singing and superhero pajamas, and Hakan just wants to flirt with her. He almost wouldn’t nap this morning because he couldn’t stand to be away from her for that long. We’ll have to arrange for her to join us another time so Kira and I can get a weekend away. I’m not sure the kids would even miss us!

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