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It's Snowbody's Business

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

This week was marked by several days in Chicago, lots of snow, and projects for everyone.

I had to go into the city every day this week except for Friday, so that was a real treat (#sarcasm). Kira's first client came on Monday morning, so I stayed with Merritt and missed my office hours while they met, then they dropped me off at the train station so I could go teach my afternoon course. Kira said that things went well with the client, and they'll meet again this week, but in the evening.

Kira then got a surprise call from another person asking if she has openings on her caseload, so she'll meet with this new person this week!

We had a pretty wild snowstorm come through early in the week, making us wonder if school would have a delay, but of course the city was prepared for it, so had the main roads cleared well enough that everything was on time. The boys had some fun playing in it, anyway, and it messed up our nice clean van. Hannah managed just fine driving the buses in it, as they are heavy enough, but we saw plenty of cars sliding around one evening, so we're glad to all be safe.

The snow's just hung around since then, and we've had a couple more days of snowstorms. It's snowing right now, in fact. We're all a little sick of it, if I'm honest. Hakan keeps talking about how he can't wait for warm summer and the beach.

Speaking of water, Kira and Merritt enjoyed the annual Toddler Prom at our local library on Saturday, which was ocean themed.

Merritt came home very excited that they played the infamous "Baby Shark," and sang it very loudly so that we could all hear about his experience.

In other news, Avey has been on quite the baking kick over the last few weeks. After her adventures in doughnut land, she baked cookies from scratch all on her own for the first time ever, and after those were gone, she tried her hand at making homemade fudge on Saturday, which Carver can enjoy with us. It turned out very tasty, so we're all excited to see what she's got up her sleeve next.

I spent part of my Saturday in the attic as I've had an itch to install a light in Kira's closet. We share a bulb that is between our two closets, so neither one gets lit very well. Anyway, I got a pull-string light wired up and installed, which was a big first for me. I was feeling pretty handy to get it working, and so I went and installed another one in my closet this morning, though that one was much harder: I had to lay down flat on my chest in that part of the attic to reach the right spot. I'm very sore now, but glad to have it done and working!

Kira spent a chunk of her Saturday preparing for a talk she gave at church today. She spoke on "communication," and said that it went well. She hopes to be off the hook on speaking for a while.

This week has lots of preparation for Valentine's Day while the older boys get cards made for all of their classmates. Kira and I are going to try to have a date on Friday, and we're all hoping that the weather warms up just a bit.

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