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Jobs, no jobs, and other jobs…

Well, I would love to tell you that I got the job. But alas, it was not to be. I didn’t hear from them on Monday and when Tuesday afternoon rolled around, I really got wondering what the deal was. I ventured to call them and just ask if they were still interviewing or when I could expect to hear from them. They informed me that they just offered the position to a current employee. So, of course, none of us had a chance in the first place. Why they made me come up there for two interviews, I’ll never know. It sort of sounded like a last-minute deal with the current employee; like he or she was late in applying or something. Anyway, as you can imagine that has had me quite bummed out for the last couple of days. Luckily, on Wednesday a few more possibilities opened up at Kira’s company, so now is where I work on getting my hopes up again. Stay tuned. In an effort to keep myself busy and my mind off of depressing thoughts, I’ve gone swimming twice this week already and today I did some major Spring cleaning, including ridding our porch of some ancient cobwebs and even cleaning the toilet. I know, I’m amazing. This is partly in preparation for the arrival of Keely, Kira’s youngest sister, who will be joining us for a few days next week on her Spring Break. We’re both excited to have her come. Kira’s mom is also coming out (her flight arrives in a few minutes) but she’ll be spending most of her time with Kira’s eldest sister, Cassidee, helping with her infant twin boys and older two boys. No, I don’t blame her either. In other news, we finally found a place to live! A few days ago, a good friend and neighbor of ours, Tiffany, dropped in and we explained our house-hunting woes to her. She mentioned a place across the street where some members of our ward live and so we checked it out. It is exactly the same floor plan and dimensions as our current place, it’s in the ward, but it has a dishwasher and washer/dryer hookups. All that and it’s only $20 more a month! The carpet needs a little work, but the owner assures us it will look much better after a cleaning. We’ll hold her to that. I’m going over today to sign a contract for us to move in in August. More soon to come! -Eli

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