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In our preparations for Carver’s arrival, we’ve acquired piles of baby boy clothes from several sources. As part of our nesting phase we went through nearly all of them this week attempting to consolidate our inventory. That’s always a fun thing to do because it makes this whole thing seem more real, and we get to imagine what the little sport will look like wearing certain outfits. Avey got into the spirit too, by trying out select items on her sheep:

 She will, no doubt, be an attentive mommy’s-little-helper: probably overbearing at times. She’s already shared with us plans to put Carver in dresses, feed him bottles, paint his nails, and so on.

How lucky the little guy will be! As long as he doesn’t come out of it warped somehow, he’ll have fond memories of his childhood. And we’ll have lots of embarrassing pictures and videos archived for future important moments.

#Happenings #LittleGems

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