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Just the Five of Us

As our packing and moving preparations proceed, we’re keeping the chaos levels at maximum over here. We are now just awaiting the final approval from the underwriter, and then we’re all set unless the seller flips out for some reason. In the meantime we are packing as much as we can, cleaning what we can, and arranging for moving help, carpet cleaners, a moving truck, utilities, and all the rest. We are also excited to have my sister come out to help manage kids during all of the pandemonium. She just started a full-time job, so we’re lucky that she can, and is willing, to work it out. We’re additionally thankful for my mom’s support in getting my sister out here, too!

During our packing/preparation frenzy, Kira saw opportunity to go home to Colorado for the weekend to visit her parents. Her dad has had some health troubles, and so she wanted to be sure to get home to help out and be supportive before we move and the schedule gets more complicated. We still plan to try to get all of us out there this summer, but goodness knows Kira could use a few days away from her adorable shrieking banshees.

As a temporarily single dad, there have been some fun challenges for the last couple of days. The first was after we dropped Kira off at the airport. I decided that we could have a pleasant outing at the library. Merritt had a short nap in the car, and the other boys were anxious to get out and trash someone else’s property for a change. We had a nice time, until I noticed that Merritt had soiled himself. Naturally, I had left the diaper bag in the car, tempting fate. So we all had to go out to the lot to get it, and then go back in to change him. Merritt then started playing on the computer, mostly randomly clicking buttons. After several minutes of this, I noticed other children seemed to be waiting their turn at the machine, so I gently encouraged Merritt to try some other fun activities at the library, and he soon erupted into a full-blown screaming-and-kicking fit. I had to finally carry him, flailing his arms and screaming, into the front entrance where at least one door would block his wails, and tried to think of how we could still check out a movie that Hakan wanted. After about 6 minutes of that misery, he just calmed right down and we took care of our business.

Last night was a bit rough, too. We had a heavy thunderstorm, and a loud thunder crash woke up half of the household around 4 this morning. They got back to sleep, but then I was a little on edge, expecting more cries of terror and wondering if Hakan would be up for the day already. It’s very wet outside, so now tensions are high as the boys fight for territory.

Kira gets home tomorrow, right after the older 3 kids’ swimming lessons. Then the packing resumes!


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