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Just the Three of Us

Kira flew to Colorado this week to support her friend whose grandmother had passed on. Hakan went along with her, for obvious reasons. It is fortunate that school has not yet started, and that Hakan is old enough to be a good traveler. She returns today, and it sounds like it was a good trip. 

In the cat’s absence, the mice will often venture out. These little ones sure did. We patronized a nearby thrift store:

 We sampled West Texas’ finest consumable goods:

 We indulged in imaginative play:

 And for much of the time we just hung around:

Overall, the kids were well-behaved. Arguments sprouted here and there, but generally the kiddos play well together.

Avey kept herself busy with her most recent love – reading chapter books. For a long time, she was hesitant with her reading abilities, insisting that we had to read certain stories to her. We were finally introduced to Barbara Park’s Junie B. Jones series. Avey had me read her the first one, and then became excited to try reading on her own. Now she blows through one in about an hour. Her sweet grandmother has been sending her two books at a time every few days, but Avey is thus far insatiable.

I’ve been trying to distract her by getting her interested in learning to type, because she also has a new email account and enjoys sending a few emails each night. A few nights ago, after I suggested how learning to type would make it easier to write the emails, she told me, “But I already know where most of the keys are that I use.” I didn’t learn how to type until high school, so maybe I am too ambitious – she is only six!

Carver has been especially funny lately. The other day he was giving the prayer and said, “Thank you we watch a show all day…” I promise that was before Kira left, and they don’t just watch television all day, so hopefully it’s just his two-year-old perspective showing.

He’s been prone to spoonerisms for some weeks now. For a long time, Carver has called chips “pitch,” and to this day, still calls the kitchen “the chicken.” He’ll say, “Dad, go in the chicken, and I throw you a ball.” or something similar.

We’ve missed Kira dearly in her absence. Avey has been preparing to reveal all of our “surprises” to her, which means she has collected little items from everything we’ve done, no matter how routine. One real surprise we have is that we got Avey a haircut a few days ago. Her hair is now shoulder length, and she looks frighteningly grown up.

It’s getting time to head to the airport, so I must bid you all farewell. More adventures are certain to follow.

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