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Keely’s stay

Last week was a bit of a change for us. As you remember, Kira’s littlest sister came to stay with us for a couple of days. She didn’t leave too big a mess, so she’s welcome back anytime. No, seriously, it was a pleasure to have her – Eli actually got a break from the dishes for a meal! She arrived Monday evening around dinner time, so we ate and chatted and stayed up to watch a movie I’d gotten from the library. Kira awoke feeling sick, regretting that she’d stayed up so late, so called in sick to work and we spent the majority of the morning trying to nurse her back to health. She had made plans to go prom dress shopping with Keely that afternoon (Utah is pretty much the only place on the planet where one can find a modest formal gown). Come 2:00, she wasn’t feeling too much better, so agreed to go with Keely if I came along and pushed her in a wheelchair through the mall. We went to every store in two malls in Provo and neighboring Orem, looking at every single dress in the world. But of course, we didn’t buy a dress. Oh no, that would be crazy. She settled on the dress she already had back home and bought a formal jacket to cover up some. Don’t worry though; Kira assures me I had a wonderful time shopping with them. It’s become even more clear to me how differently men and women shop. A man would buy the first one that fit and looked good and was in his price range. A woman has to see every single possibility, think about it for a good long while, make a purchase, and then leave all the tags on it for a few weeks afterward in case she changes her mind. If I sound bitter or annoyed, I’m not. I actually felt like Jane Goodall must have felt when she spent her first few days among the gorillas; you wouldn’t believe the things I learned about dresses, what goes with certain dresses, what’s tacky and why, etc. Hence another reason we men have stuck with simple tuxedos for a good hundred years or so. All you do is pick out a tie and maybe a matching vest. That requires a maximum of 30 seconds, and you’re done. Brilliant. Anyway, moving on, I had another job interview that week but it turns out that the position is only until May. Yes, that’s right, May. And guess what – they still haven’t made a decision yet. But Monday I woke up deciding that I was going to get two calls that day for interviews at two other places to whom I had given my resume. At 1:00, the phone rings, and it’s a perfect job I’d love. They want to interview me on the 10th. So I decided I’m going to get hired there, just so you all know. I’ll let you know when I start. More exciting updates coming soon!

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