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Kira’s Birthday: Curse of the Phantom Mall

Monday started off with a bang as Kira awoke a whole year older. Well, technically she was just a day older, but it was a special day older. Kira started off the day sleeping in a bit, and then got taken to breakfast with a few of the ladies in her branch. That was a nice outing, and while she was gone, the boys and I made some treats at home, including the frosting for her cake. She baked a gluten-free version of her favorite childhood recipe, but it turned out like most gluten-free cakes: a little flavorless and loafy. 

For part of the celebration after presents and cake, we all went to look for a mall, mostly at Carver’s request. He’d been whining to go to a mall, because in Illinois there was a mall with an indoor play area that he enjoyed, so he assumed that every mall on the planet would have a similar play area. 

Kira typed into her phone to find the closest mall to us, and it sent us on our way. After about 20 minutes, we arrived at a strip mall shopping center—not at all what we were hoping for. Disappointed, we both searched on our phones for something more like what we’d wanted, only to come up with nothing. We settled on checking out a pet store that was in the shopping center, which worked out okay.

On the way back, we thought we’d try renting a movie at Redbox, and the kids thought that the latest Hotel Transylvania was already out on DVD. We didn’t find it at the nearest box, so tried the one closer to home, but it wasn’t there either. I finally looked it up on my phone and figured out that it wasn’t out at all—it was the video game available for rent. Again, disappointed, we got some fast food and headed home to watch a movie we’d gotten from the library.

Tuesday was better, as Kira and I went to the cheap night at the theater. We arranged for a babysitter, and had the two youngest boys in bed by the time we left, so that it would not be too traumatic for the poor girl. We saw Ant-Man and the Wasp, which was very funny and entertaining. We got home tired, but thankful to have had a break from the routine.

The rest of the week has been busy with outings and projects around the home. I had my last dental appointment in our old neighborhood, and I’m glad to be done with that saga. We have every room unpacked now, and can start messing around with things like decorating. I’ve even hung a few pictures, but there’s plenty more to do in that arena.

We all took a family trip to Costco on Friday, which was a long and tiresome nightmare. The older kids needed new glasses, Merritt needed a nap, and we had a long list of things to buy in between diaper changes and trying to keep the little ones from getting run over (they refused to sit in the cart). What a mess!

I took on a bigger project in the attic yesterday and today when I made sure that the main bathroom is venting outside instead of to the attic. It turned out to be a much smaller project than I’d expected, so that was a big relief. My next big one is resurfacing the driveway, which was neglected for several years, so it’s going to be a big one.

Kira was called to be the primary chorister and was sustained today. She didn’t expect to start today, but the person who normally does it was called into work at the last minute, so Kira took over. She said that it went alright, but hopes to make the calling her own soon. Fortunately, the branch combines junior and senior primary so that she’ll have to do it only one hour rather than two each week.

More projects around the house this week! We’ll get this place ship-shape before too long!


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