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Know Thyself

Carver continues to be a major cause of discord lately. He still needs naps, but never wants to take one anymore, and he is as picky as ever about his foods. On a particularly difficult day this week, I was tasked with nourishing the boy. I ran through a list of things he sometimes agrees to eat, and after much negotiation finally reached a consensus. I spent a few minutes preparing his meal, and when I placed it before him, he turned his nose up at it. I, internally furious, tried to calmly explain our verbal contract – I make food, he eats food. He adamantly refused to so much as taste a bite of what he had me gather for him. I spent several minutes trying to talk him into having a bite, even offering incentives. He refused each one until I finally said, as calmly as possible, “Carver, you are being ridiculous,” to which he defiantly replied, “No, I’m being a jerk!”

At least he is honest. 

This week was otherwise fairly routine. Avey is back in school, and I have another week before I begin again. I am spending my days on campus preparing for the course I’ll teach. Unfortunately, the construction crews decided to replace all of the gas lines over Christmas, and are still not finished. As such, I’ve been working in an office that is about 50 degrees most days. Finally last Thursday, after several phone calls, the University had some space heaters brought in to make the temperatures tolerable. 

Avey’s been very excited about her favorite Christmas present. She really wanted an iPod of her own, but we could not very well justify that kind of expense for a 7-year-old. Instead, we found her a $35 option that is reasonably close. It has a camera, and Avey has been documenting about 45 minutes of each day with the video feature. She takes a lot of pictures too. Here is a sample video she took today:

She’ll certainly be making documentaries on our family in no time. We may have a reality show any day now!

#Happenings #LittleGems

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