• Elijah Ricks

‘Lashes, etc.

I’ve recently decided that part of the reason Avey is so incredibly and undeniably adorable is her unusually long and, I dare say, perfect eyelashes (pictured below). Every day I look at her and think, “Holy cow! Those things are getting long!” For the first time this week, two people in a row said that she looks like Daddy! Boo yah! Well, that’s kind of a bad thing, because I’m not as cute as her mom, but it’s nice to know she got a few of my features in there somewhere. They both said it was the eyes. My mother tells me that everybody thought I was a girl when I was a baby on account of my long eyelashes, so maybe that’s something she got from me. In any case, there’s no denying the cuteness…

Dad is just about an hour and a half away from being completely done with all his graduate school applications! It’s been a long road, and I hope I don’t have to do this ever again! I’ll keep you informed on what happens next. Thanks for reading!


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