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Last Day at Work

Friday was my last day at my job. I’m taking the next week off to concentrate on packing and all that jazz. It was a very bittersweet last day. Everyone made me feel very valued and appreciated and I feel that I will be missed. It was very difficult for me to leave my office for the last time and walk the grounds that I worked so hard to keep up. I’ve made so many good friends this last year and had so many good times. I wish that I could somehow stay and also move back home, but as we know, the only constant in life is change.

Luckily, I’ll be coming back to visit in February. The paper I coauthored was selected to be presented at a conference in Salt Lake City! I’ve also been invited by the main author to be a guest lecturer for one of her classes at a nearby university. If you didn’t know, when you’re in graduate school, undergrads will believe anything you say.

So, our packing is underway. We’ve got a nice group of helpers lined up to load the truck, and ample time to get all of our junk together. Hopefully, we’ll have some time on the side to visit some favorite places and people too. In the meantime, farewell, Utah.

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