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We had a week full of lasts. Avey’s last violin recital of the year was on Wednesday. We are very impressed with the progress they’ve made just since the beginning of the school year. Avey put on another little show this afternoon at her Great Grandmother’s house. Her new school does not have orchestra until the Fourth Grade, so we may need to get her some private lessons in the meantime. 

It was also Avey’s last week of school! I don’t know whose excitement is greater; hers for the hours of free time, or mine for not having to make her lunches anymore! She got to say goodbye to her school chums, and missed the chance to see her favorite teacher (from Kindergarten), but went back on Saturday (a teacher work day) to visit with her for a long time. Friday afternoon we went to a pool party put on by some friends of ours, and all had a very good time punctuating the end of Avey’s school experience in El Paso. 

Kira went to her last Relief Society activity, visited the Juarez Temple for the last time, and she and Avey also went to their first and last outdoor movie at UTEP. They were showing the new Cinderella movie on the track field, but it started so late and was so well attended, that it was a bit more hassle than it was worth. Luckily, Avey had fun.

For this week’s little gem, I recall an incident midweek. We’ve been working on helping Carver to blow his nose, and so we’ve come up with the terminology “chunk” for what he often finds up there. We were driving somewhere when Kira noticed Carver’s finger searching for something in his nose. He then pulled out a “chunk” and Kira asked him, “Did you get it?” Carver replied, “Yep, I got it. I didn’t eat it!” We celebrate the small successes in this family, as well as the big ones. 

We officially have the house squared away and waiting for us in the Chicago area. Now all we have to do is pack the remainder of our worldly possessions, load them snugly into a truck, drive them all out to Illinois, and unpack them again. We are not looking forward to the trip, but we are ecstatic to move into our new home and begin a new adventure!

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