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Leaps & Bounds

I am freaking out right now. You will all recall from last week’s post that Avey is now officially two years old. I knew that was coming; we expected it since the day she was born. What we did not expect, however, was the exponential rate at which she would grow and learn after that day. I’m not kidding – the day after her official birthday I took her to the park and it was like I was with another kid! Every word out of her mouth was part of a full sentence, she used words I never thought she knew, and she learned how to climb up and sit down on a slide with which she had always needed help before! Then, Kira called me on my cell phone and I handed it to Avey and told her, “Say, ‘Hi Mommy!’.” Normally, Avey will greet a person on the phone, and then just sit and listen without responding much. In this particular instance, she said, “Hi Mommy! I’m going down the slide!” and continued to carry on a little conversation. She also seems to have grown another 6 inches or so, because she can reach all sorts of things she couldn’t before. Like I said, I’m freaking out.

Here’s some footage of her saying her new favorite word: humidifier.

Yes, she has also learned her left from her right. I think I was 12 when I finally got that one down. Now I’m scared that when she turns 3, she’ll get a full-time job and put Kira and me in a home. Hmmm… that actually sounds kind of nice at this point…


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