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Learning to Swim

Avey recently began swimming lessons. She has loved the water for as long as we can recall, but has always been very cautious about it as well. We figured it was high time that she learn to master the pool, and swimming is an excellent way to pass the time in the summer heat, so we hired a private instructor (a high school student) to tutor her. 

She has done amazing! Each day after a lesson, Kira tells me about how brave Avey was, how many new and scary things she tried and mastered, and how her instructor praises her as “a natural”. She’s quickly learned skills with the instructor that she would never dream of trying with Kira or me. Maybe she’s driven by her compulsion to be a good student in this case.

Carver continues his escapades in art and speaking. We did invest in washable markers after all, and he loves them! We need to be close by to help take off caps and attempt damage control as he waves them to and fro, but he seems thrilled to express himself through art. 

He has picked up new words every day. One of his latest is “thank you!”, which sounds like “sayshoo” in a very high-pitched, sing-song voice. He loves to help us throw trash away! More than once have we found items we use daily in the trash can, and any time he helps us with some real garbage, he insists that there is more to be dealt with somewhere. “Trash? Trash?”, he repeats again and again until we manage to find something he can throw away. Something tells me this trend won’t last once he has a room of his own to keep clean. 


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