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Let the Celebration Begin

My big project for the week was painting some old, grey, concrete flower pots we had outside so that they could better complement our gorgeous white banisters. It turned out to be a much bigger task than I’d expected, with the cleaning and peeling of old paint taking a couple of hours. I wanted to make them two-toned, using the same white as we have on the house and then the maroon of our shutters, so that was a process to get all the paint where I want it, but not anywhere else. I finally finished the second one last night.

Hakan did his second time at a tumbling class Kira got him into. I’ve not seen him at it, but he sure enjoys whatever they have him doing. He goes each Monday for a few more weeks, and it’s been a nice way to break up the monotony of policing Merritt until Carver comes home (Hakan and Merritt have a hard time getting along most of the time.).

There was not much else noteworthy. Merritt’s stitches came out, and his eye is looking much better, but he’s still pretty careful about touching it.

Saturday was pretty special. Avey is about to turn 11, and she wanted to invite her best friend from Illinois to our house for the day. Kira and Avey went to pick her up in the morning, and then she stayed with us until her mom came to get her in the evening. The girls had a ton of fun, and Kira even took the whole crew to a park for a while.

The temperature was in the 60s and, because it was the first day of fall, we decided it was time to decorate a little. The previous owners left all sorts of decorations in the shed, so we put some of them up.

We’re looking forward to celebrating Avey’s birthday during the upcoming weekend!


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