• Elijah Ricks

Let the Games Begin

School began on Wednesday this week, so we had a lot of preparation before the big day. We practiced the routine each morning with the boys getting dressed first thing, and then we did breakfast before packing lunches in backpacks and watching for the bus. Things went well with the trial runs. Tuesday night was the teacher meet-and-greet at the boys’ school, so we took all the boys and split up to meet their teachers, then traded so the other could meet them, too. They seem very nice. 

Hakan was so excited for school to start, and then at the meet-and-greet, he had an emotional meltdown. At first, I thought it was because he was overwhelmed by everything, and scared of what it was going to be like, but he later revealed that it was because I asked him not to draw on one of the big paper pads in the classroom, and he was very embarrassed by that. Luckily, he was still stoked for school to start. After we’d met everyone, there was free ice cream on the playground, but the line was probably 30 people long, and there were only 2 workers, so we just stopped by for Frostys on the way home.

Everyone had a good first day at school! Hakan said it was “perfect,” and Carver had a good time, too. Avey’s day went well, too, with most of her classes close together, and seeing familiar faces everywhere. 

It was nice to have the quiet at home, too. I got some good work done, and Kira took Merritt to several places. She spent most of the day at stores on Wednesday, and then had a RS presidency meeting on Thursday, where Merritt played with some other kids whose school hasn’t yet started. He had a great time. Hannah worked most mornings this week, and sneaked in naps before the kids got home. 

My household project of the week was the yard. We have a couple of spots in the yard that get very muddy in the rainy season, and where the grass has really thinned out. I did some light aeration to help with how compacted it is, and then spread some fresh soil on top with new grass seed, which should help, but keep your fingers crossed. 

Kira and I had dental appointments on Friday, and both came back with clean reports. She then went to the allergist for the second round of tests and found that she is quite allergic to several trees and weeds in the area, which may explain her taste issue. We’re still putting together what it all means and what makes the most sense to do next.

This morning, we awoke to a thunderstorm with lots of wind and rain. As I was preparing breakfast for the boys, the power flickered off a couple of times and then just went out altogether. That really complicated things, and to make it even worse, the rain clouds kept it nice and dark inside the house so that I had to use a flashlight to finish cooking eggs. I suppose it’s nice to be reminded just how good we have things.

We are looking forward to another good week of school as the kids get more into the routine. I go into campus for a faculty meeting on Wednesday, and then I start up officially the following Tuesday. I’m really starting to feel the summer get away from me, but it will be nice to get back in the classroom.


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