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License to Bill

There’s not been a whole lot going on this week. Well, that’s not true; there’s been a ton going on, but not much has been blogworthy. Avey is pretty much over her illness and her fingers are better even though they’re still pretty big (we can’t tell if they’re still swollen, or just naturally that plump). Kira wasn’t sick for very long, we’ve all just been very tired with all that’s going on.

The biggest news this week is that Kira completed her hours to get her professional license! Naturally, that changes only a little of what she actually does (no need for supervision), but now she gets more money for it! And if my math is correct, more money is good news for us!

Avey’s been on a new kick for the past couple of weeks. At one meal, she was not being very cooperative and obviously needed some incentive to nourish herself. I thought I would try out an old tradition in our family and see how she would like the “Question Game.” That’s where you ask the child a question and if he or she gets it right, he or she “earns” a bite of food. I’ve never really understood why that works – I guess it somehow makes the food seem like a reward rather than a punishment. Anyway, it quickly became her new obsession. Now, she wants us to quiz her at every meal, during car rides, and sometimes in between. We’ve been very impressed with her ability to answer some of the harder ones, and even more impressed with how bad we are at coming up with questions. I may have to brush up on my Disney and Winnie the Pooh trivia if we’re going to keep her eating…


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