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Little Investments

It’s tax season again, and now that both Kira and I technically are self-employed, what with her private practice and my work as a consultant for the Juvenile Probation Department, we opted to hire a CPA to take care of our tax documentation this year. 

We heard back from him a few days ago with the wonderful news that we are due for a sizable return from the feds. Knowing this is mostly thanks to our two children, I hugged them both and said, “I love my little goldmines!” 

Avey was clearly offended at my statement, and made no effort to hide her disapproval. She scowled at me, folded her arms, and declared, “Daddy, I am not little!”

Carver has been plagued by what appears to be an ear infection for the last several days. The poor little guy was inconsolable the first night, and has kept Kira and/or me awake more hours than not each night since. His ear has deprived him of naps as well, making for an overall miserable mini-man. He is clearly on the mend now, having just now risen from an hour-long nap, and we hope that he/we will have less fitful slumber tonight.

We have another busy week ahead of us as I make my final preparations for my presentation in Portland next week, I prepare for my first exam in my Categorical Data Analysis course, and Kira wrestles two very active children while also attending to clientele, friends, and other family.

#Happenings #LittleGems

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