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Little Man

Our Carver boy has been turning into quite the character lately. He quickly moved from baby food to chewable foods, and now can go through a whole meal without a spoon. He has mastered the skill of gripping little bites with his thumb and pointer finger and then navigating them to his mouth. On occasion he will fall victim to the early release and the bite ends up in his lap, but otherwise he does very well. 

He’s also grown a love of music with the help of his ever-dancing sister. You’ll notice in the video that he prefers to boogie to the upbeat songs. There’s a video of Avey playing with the same radio here.

Our little dude also survived his first haircut recently. He was practically drowning in his untamable fuzz, so it was really a humanitarian mission taking him for the trim. 

As most little boys do, he has a deep curiosity about everything. He’s explored every square inch of our home, it seems, and yet he still finds new nooks and crannies. I installed some baby locks on the cupboards under the sink (where we store soaps and other things he shouldn’t get into). He realized what happened yesterday when he was on one of his expeditions. His frustration was outdone only by his volume. We parents are so cruel sometimes.

Avey is on top of the world. She loves school, has great friends all around, improves at reading daily, gets a new wardrobe every couple of weeks handed down to her (from family and friends), and is adored by her teachers, family, and brother. Who could ask for anything more?

The kids make their parents look like bumps on a log. We are both mostly just keeping up with everything. This is the first year we’ve done taxes for Kira’s private practice, she’s also taken a new client,  I’m preparing to present some of my research at a conference next month, and hoping to have my dissertation proposed around the semester’s end.

At least we have fun through it all.


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