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Little Mix-up

This was, by far, the oddest week Kira and I have ever experienced in our lives. Early Friday morning we received a phone call from the hospital. A very apologetic nurse asked us if we could please come to the hospital that day, and be sure to bring Carver with us. She wouldn’t really say what it was about, so we were unsure what to think about it. We figured it might be some blood work that had come back with an issue or something, but tried not to worry about it too much until we found out. We loaded up the kiddos and drove over that afternoon. The nurse at the reception desk directed us to wait in a room down the hall, but she didn’t seem to know what it was all about.

We got settled in the room and waited for about 10 minutes before the knock at the door came. A doctor opened the door, and before coming in asked if we are the Ricks’. We said we are, and he gave us a solemn, and rather embarrassed expression, before opening the door all the way and pulling in a hospital bassinet, with a little baby in it. Kira and I looked at each other, more confused than ever at what was going on, when the doctor began to explain.

He said that the day Carver was born there was a nurse working in the blood lab who had left her glasses in her car. She retrieved them a few minutes into her shift, after it had become too difficult for her to read some of the doctors’ handwriting. Although she had gone only about 30 minutes without her glasses, two baby boys had had their bloodwork done during those 30 minutes, and she had accidentally mixed up the tags. Apparently, the baby we’ve been taking care of for the last 4 weeks wasn’t our Carver at all. The pictures we’ve been posting on the blog are of Gregory Rehbein. The doctor explained that Gregory’s parents have been taking care of the real Carver, and noticed that something was out of place when the baby that baby began to sprout hair that was obviously blond. The Rehbeins apparently come from a long line of brunettes. When they noticed that the baby had an obvious cowlick sprouting at the top of his forehead, they began to look more closely at the pictures they had taken immediately after Gregory’s birth. They must have noticed some other signs, because they voiced their concerns to the doctor, who brought them in, checked the baby’s blood type with theirs, and after a little more detective work, there we were at the hospital with the wrong baby! 

Well, after a lot of tears and laughs, we were reunited with the real Carver:

Avey has taken this the hardest. She had grown really attached to Gregory. But the real Carver is really cute too. 

In retrospect, the whole thing makes a lot more sense. You can see the cowlick in the picture clearly, and that is something he clearly inherited from me. His hair color matches Kira’s and mine much better, and I did find it rather odd that the first baby’s hair was so dark. 

We’re just glad that the whole thing is over and we can now get back to our lives with our real, biological son. To think what might have happened if the Rehbeins hadn’t have caught the mix-up by now! I’ll get more photos of Carver soon, so that we can all get to know him all over again!

P.S. I hope you’ve realized by now that this is an April Fool’s joke! That is a picture of Avey at 3 weeks!


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