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Looking Back

Tomorrow will mark exactly 5 years that I’ve been documenting the events in our family, and some of my thoughts on life, parenting, and such, through the medium of this blog. In that time, we’ve moved more than I’d like to remember, celebrated more birthdays than I care to recall, and experienced countless moments of insight, humor, and contentment in our little family. It has been quite the journey! In many ways, I cannot believe that it’s already been 5 years, and in many others, I cannot believe that it’s been only 5 years. Avey’s milestones have been passing by like sand passes through the neck of an hourglass. Thank goodness we’ll have the opportunity to remember Carver’s precious moments in the same way. When I think of doing this for another 5 years, and probably longer, I’m excited to see what kinds of events and anecdotes lie ahead of us. Truly, there is no adventure greater than family!

We’ve been keeping busy with the preparations for the little guy’s arrival. I put the crib together last weekend, we sorted through some boy clothes (generously donated by Kira’s older sister and a woman here in town), I’ve been working on getting a backup plan for my school and work obligations, and we are still working on arranging furniture and making plans for every possible scenario that might face us when he comes.

As if we weren’t already up to our ears, Kira will also accept her first client in Texas this week! While it will be a small challenge to our schedule once Carver joins us, we believe it will be a nice chance for me to get some time with the kiddos and get Kira out to keep her skills fresh and focus on something other than child problems for a while.

Avey continues to express her excitement for a new (subordinate) member of the family. She often relives what it is like to be a baby in her play, but assures us that she will be all business when the boy arrives. She seems to have his days all planned out with bowel movements and hair-pulling, which is more-or-less accurate.

She recently decided that she will marry a doctor, and she will be a painter for a living. When I shared her joy at this decision, and assured her that all of her practice has helped her artistic skills develop tremendously, she concurred with my assessment by saying, “Yeah, I already know how to do smiley faces!” After all, even Michelangelo had to start somewhere.

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