• Elijah Ricks

Love in the Ice

This week was full of sickness and driving to and from Chicago. 

Monday was a full day with Kira’s dental appointment in the afternoon, and I tried to get work done from home, including two phone appointments. The kids were not too insane, and with Hannah’s help I was able to get some pretty good work done.

Tuesday was another snow day for the kids as there was supposed to be icy rain coming in for most of the day. They were excited, of course, and I anxiously awaited any word from my campus. No word came, but I checked to see if my trains were still running on time, and the whole line was down, to be reevaluated right at the time I needed to catch mine if I was to make it to the city in time for my course. I decided to just cancel my office hours and drive so that I could at least get to the course on time without feeling overly rushed. The roads seemed just fine. 

We wondered if the bad weather would spill into Wednesday and cancel Avey’s first trip to the temple, on which Kira wanted to tag along. I drove again to work, but this time to the Schaumburg campus, as I do on Wednesdays this semester. I spent the morning at Costco out there because it was pay day and we were in need of quite a bit. Traffic was hellish on the way home, so I arrived much later than I’d hoped, but Hannah (who agreed to babysit while Avey and Kira hitched a ride with the youth to the LDS temple in Chicago) had everything under control.

Poor Avey’s experience wasn’t all she’d hoped, as she had been quite sick with a cold that’s made its way through the house. Kira had it pretty bad for a couple of days, and Hannah has it pretty bad also, but luckily the boys and I seem to be doing pretty well. I’ve had mild symptoms, and it hasn’t really disturbed the boys’ sleep.

Thursday was finally a normal day, as I took the train to the city and things were pretty usual at home. I had a faculty evaluation meeting after my courses for the day, and was very pleased to receive high praise for my work. After the meeting, I debated for maybe 90 seconds whether I had enough time to try to catch my normal train or just wait the half hour for the next one. I wish I’d just booked it, because I ended up missing it by about 15 seconds and then sitting at the stupid station like a moron.

Friday was atypical as it was another day off of school for a scheduled “e-learning” day. Kira hoped to take some of the boys to the library class that morning, but nobody wanted to go except Merritt. I was trying to get some statistics homework graded, with constant interruptions. They were pretty good, though. Once Kira got home, Hannah and I took off for several stores to stock up for the month and get supplies for some projects. None of the kids wanted to go, so Kira managed them until we finally got home in the late afternoon. Kira and I then had a belated Valentine’s Day date that evening after the boys were asleep. We visited a local diner we’ve wanted to try.

Saturday, Kira took the younger two boys to a Toddler Prom at the local library, where they danced and had some activities. They had a good time.

Hannah left early in the morning Saturday for her own temple trip with a friend. We felt bad that she was still feeling ill, and that she didn’t get much sleep, but glad that she got to go. I worked on some projects while home with just Carver and Avey. Our dishwasher’s silverware rack has been falling apart, and my solution of using twist ties to cover the gaps wasn’t quite working, so I finally used some cross-stitch canvas to cover the gaps. It seems to be working well now.

The cold has kept us pretty isolated, but Avey has been dog-sitting for our neighbor again, so at least she’s got some things to do outside of the house. The boys tried to enjoy the outside a couple of times over the weekend, but never for too long.

We still have not caught any more mice in the attic. Both Kira and Hannah are pretty sure that they’ve heard scurrying up there, even after catching the first one. I bought a humane trap on Saturday, but it was still empty this morning, so we’ll just have to keep waiting to see if there are any more critters up there.

Tomorrow is another day off of school, but I have been asked to come to campus to interview applicants to our doctoral program. There are free rides to the city on the train tomorrow, so Kira is going to bring the kids on a later train and we’ll meet up during my lunch break. It’s too bad the weather is still going to be so lame, but hopefully they can find something fun to do.

There’s sure to be plenty more madness this week…


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