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Lurking for Turkey

I think we are all ready for the Thanksgiving break already. Tensions are running high around here.

The weather for most of this week was cold and windy, with a lot of overcast. The wind was at least helpful in ridding our trees of their leaves, and then we were able to spend an afternoon rolling around in them. 

We were glad to have the sun finally come out later in the week, though it’s still colder than we’d like. While we’re stuck inside, we’ve been busy cleaning and doing little projects, and the kids have been working on sharing the same space.

Hakan and Merritt have been getting along better than usual lately. It may have something to do with the fact that Merritt is better able to communicate, so that he can understand Hakan’s orders more readily. He’s been using complete sentences more often, and seems to always have something to add to any social exchange. Don’t misread this paragraph, though: they still find plenty upon which to disagree.

In minor news, it was my birthday this week, though the day itself was a big bore. I had to go into the city for a monthly faculty meeting, which meant almost 3 hours of travel time for a 2 hour meeting, only about 15 minutes of which was in any way relevant to what I actually do. At least I feel much older, otherwise I wouldn’t have known it was my birthday. Huffing and puffing on my bike ride home was all I needed to remind myself that I’m not as young as I used to be.

In other news, Kira has had some weird irritation on her ears for the last few days. One was red and felt hot, and it eventually spread to the other one, but we could think of no reason for it. She called a nurse hotline to troubleshoot, and they recommended that she go in if it didn’t get better. It didn’t, so she went in and the doctor seemed to think it was some sort of irritant, but we haven’t thought of anything. Some toxic plant, bugs, new shampoo? None seems to fit. Anyway, she’s treating it, so we’ll see if it goes away soon.

Avey caught a lucky break this week when our neighbor left for a few days but invited her to take care of her pets. She has two dogs and three cats. The dogs are large, but well-behaved, and the cats are…well, cats. She got the animals accustomed to her by having her come over and meet them formally, then Avey was the first one to come in the door just before their owner did one afternoon (to see how they’d respond), and now Avey has been going over three times each day to make sure they aren’t acting like animals (pun fully intended). She’s enjoying the responsibility, time with animals, chance to escape her brothers, and certainly the money that she was promised. She could get used this.

Things have been normal busy otherwise. We have been invited to some friends’ home for an early dinner today, so we are just preparing to head over for that. See you next week!


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