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You may recall that I celebrated a birthday about a week ago. One of the gifts I received was a pair of much-overdue windshield wipers. Upon seeing them, Carver immediately requested to play with them. I foresaw no harm in it, so I handed one over. He held it for a while, inspecting it in its packaging. When it came time for him to retire, he dutifully brushed his teeth and got into his pajamas. He lay down and wrapped up in his blanket, and then whispered to me, “Dad. Can I hold your present?” Knowing that he was referring to my windshield wipers, I internally rolled my eyes before chuckling, and then retrieved the wiper blade for him. As I handed it over, he clutched it in his little paws, and said, “Thanks, Dad.” before rolling over to go to sleep. 

What is it that draws males instinctively to automotive parts? The world may never know.

In other news, I was out of town for just over two days this week for a job interview. I will wait to report on everything until it’s all over and decided, but I had a very pleasant (albeit cold) trip. Kira held down the fort again, and found a little sleep when she could.

Avey got to go to the circus last night with a schoolmate, and was happy to have me home just a few minutes before she got back. Carver was sorely in need of someone big enough (and willing) to wrestle with him and chase him around the apartment. Hakan did not seem to realize that I had even left, but made sure to make up for lost time today by spitting up as much as he could when I held him.

I now feel like I’ve got a month’s worth of catching up to do at school before Thanksgiving, but I suppose the feeling is nothing new. Maybe I’ll feel all caught up when I retire.

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