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One of the bigger pressures of parenthood is teaching the wee ones proper manners. That’s really a tough one when we adults have fallen out of practice. Have you ever paid attention to all the missing “please”s and “thank you”s in our everyday conversations? Having a little one learn to talk sure helps one notice, I think.

We’re lucky in that Avey is always willing to pick up a new word or two, so we can purposefully place words in her vocabulary. Of course, the disadvantage of that is anytime we drop a word or two we don’t want her to say, she picks it up too. She is quickly tempering us into pretty decent parents. One of her newest and favorite phrases is her version of “You’re welcome!” As you can see here:

It’s my goal to get her to say “Father dearest, I would be forever indebted to you should you cut my asparagus for me,” before she’s two. Some might say I have a whole lot of faith in my little girl. Well, yeah…


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