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Master Merritt

Merritt dominates the news this week. Since he started officially walking last week, he’s been waddling around the hallways with a big grin on his face like he’s hot stuff. He’s keeping us busy with his newfound maturity, because it seems that he’s also reaching higher and getting more daring. For example, he’s always had a love for our remote controls, but he has gotten especially possessive of them lately. Maybe it’s just that his grip is tighter than ever, but he holds onto them like a wolverine would hold onto a cheeseburger (so I imagine). With his increasing reach, we’ve had to find new places to hide them, and then struggle to keep track. 

He’s also become more dangerous to have loose near the bathroom. He loves splashing water, so the toilet is especially intriguing to him. In the past, we’ve been able to deter him simply by keeping the lid down, but as his strength and curiosity wax, he’s been working on lifting the lid. He can’t quite get it open, but then he often squishes his little hands in his attempts, so we have to keep the bathroom door shut all the time for his own safety, and our peace of mind. 

Avey had a rough first day back at school, but has been doing very well since then. She has set a goal to purchase a little vehicle that moves by shifting a wheel back and forth, and so she’s been motivated to do chores around the house. That’s been very helpful, especially because one of the regular chores she can do is unloading the dishwasher – a task that normally falls to me. 

Otherwise, we’ve all just been trying to keep up. We had some glorious weather yesterday, which has continued into today, so we’re all trying to maximize our time outside with visits to parks, picnics in the backyard, and lots of running around. It will sure be nice to have the winter done and gone, even though this one was so mild. It seems like half of last summer was lost because we were so busy with newborn Merritt, so we’re sure to make up lost time with plenty of adventures this time.


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