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Sorry I took a couple extra days to post. I drove back from Utah on Sunday and have basically been on campus ever since. I think I stopped by the apartment to sleep last night – I can’t quite remember anything existing before the library this morning. 

“Why were you in Utah?” you may be asking. There are about 4 main reasons people go to Utah: (1) to ski, (2) to see what’s on the other side of the Rockies, (3) to get away from alcohol and dive into meth, and (4) to attend weddings. I was over there for the latter. Kira’s brother got hitched, so we were over there for a couple of days (my brother also graduated, but Kira assures me that is not why we went). Kira decided to take advantage of the free, later ride back and so I’m home alone. I use the term “home” loosely; it means I’m on campus all day.

The timing worked out pretty nicely because I don’t really have time to be lonely. I’ve been way too busy writing papers, preparing presentations, calculating partial eta squared, and so on. Kira sounds like she’s having fun too, and Avey is usually happy regardless of where she is or what’s going on. 

I apologize for having no pictures or videos for this post. Kira has the camcorder and the camera with her, so I’ll post some when she gets back. 

Okay, now I’ve forgotten everything I studied before this post. I’d better get back to it. 


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