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Medical Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! We are glad to have a day set aside to think of our dear mothers and grandmothers whose patience and selflessness kept us out of prison (so far). May they be pampered and appreciated as much as they deserve!

We had another very busy week, which should come as no surprise by now. It began with my dental appointment on Tuesday. I got a checkup and had a crown put in. The appointment took over 3 hours, and the tooth is still not healed, as it’s rather painful to bite down. I’m hoping that will feel better soon. I also found out that the pain I had a few weeks ago that I thought would mean another root canal was correct. I don’t know why the pain has gone, but the dentist tested my tooth and found that it’s dead, so I’ve scheduled another root canal. Sometimes I think these teeth are more trouble than they’re worth… Thanks a lot, evolution. 

The kids were all due for dental checkups also, so we got them in on two different days. Carver has a cavity on one of his molars and the beginnings of another on the opposite side of his mouth. Hakan was a great patient: oddly compliant. He came back with a clean bill and some tips on maintenance. Avey’s teeth are also looking great, and Merritt would not tolerate the hygienist’s attempts to inspect his mouth. 

With Carver’s recent diagnosis of celiac, we needed to get the other kids tested (it’s genetic). That means drawing blood, which my children hate for some reason. We decided to fit it all in right after some of the dental appointments, and after a whole lot of tears and general agony, we sufficiently traumatized them—erm, got the blood samples. We don’t expect that any of them will come back positive, but at least we can know.

On top of all of that, Merritt has had a terrible cold, causing disrupted sleep and general moodiness. He’s finally doing much better now, but Carver came down with a fever on Friday afternoon after he woke up with a sore throat. Merritt never had the fever, so we wonder if this is something new. We had Carver checked for strep, but it came back negative. Hakan has the same fever now, but his nose and throat seem fine, so we may have two illnesses running through the household. All four kids are staying home from church today, so Kira will get a chance to sit in peace through a meeting.

In other news, Kira and I spent Thursday visiting a couple more houses in the area to which we want to move. We were very impressed with one of them, as the location is near excellent schools, and within a short bike ride to the train station for me. The house is about double the square feet of the one we’re in, and the bedrooms are enormous, with 4 toilets in the house. We made an offer on the house that day, and by the next morning the seller had accepted it! We are having the inspection done today, so as long as things go well, we will be on a good track toward our first home! Details will follow as we get closer.

I spent Friday on campus for probably the last time until August. It was graduation, and I hooded my first doctoral student who graduated. She’s continuing an internship toward licensure, and did an excellent job on her dissertation despite my help. That was a good experience to see her reach this milestone.

We have a pretty open week coming up, but we’re sure with the home buying process and the kids who love to get and stay sick we’ll have plenty to write about next week.


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