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Meet Me in Colorado

We started the week off with more work on the driveway. I decided to just go over the whole thing with the right stuff, and hopefully be done with it for a few years. I bought 3 buckets, because the minimum coverage was supposed to be adequate for my needs, but of course, I got to the end of my supplies and found that I needed one more. I went out to pick that one up and then finished the thing. It’s now at about 95% of my expectations, so that’s good. I think it needs one more coat to be all it can be, but I can probably be happy with it now. No need to make it my white whale.

I then got going on some electrical projects. Nothing too big, but it bothers me to have upside-down switches or outlets, so I fixed most of those, and converted our TV room into dimmable lights. I also tried to fix our master bathroom electrical stuff, but after a lot of rewiring I ended up in basically the same place as before. I may have to try again soon.

The kids spent their time testing each other’s patience, and jumping on the trampoline. Sometimes they get along so well…

We then made our preparations to drive to Colorado for a mini reunion while Kira’s sister was there with her family. They live in Hawaii, so it is a rare treat to see them.

We broke up the drive into 2 days, staying at a rather disappointing hotel Thursday night. The kids were anxious to swim in the pool, so we did that first. I wish we hadn’t, because it was not very kid-friendly, so I had to keep all of my attention on the younger kids, and then had an awful scare when Carver wandered into the deeper zone. Kira was still getting ready for the pool, so I was the only adult around. Avey dashed over to help him, and I got to him just after to pull him to safety, but it was scary enough that I lost sleep that night.

We calmed down a bit and then went to eat before calling it a night.

The rest of the drive the next morning was uneventful, though potty issues caused us to stop more often than we’d have preferred.

We’re having a wonderful time, and the kids are sure busy with their 7 cousins. We all sang together in church today, and got some photos of the whole group outside the church. They’ll make good memories.

We are staying with my mother while in town, and Merritt has been having lots of fun with his Aunt Hannah (who is also visiting) on the trampoline. He was beside himself with joy when he discovered my mom’s stash of sports balls. He likes to take them onto the trampoline and kick them back and forth with his Aunt, then kick them off and go retrieve them and start again.

Hakan has especially enjoyed the sandbox at my mom’s place, and loves all of the attention he gets.

Carver really likes being in the middle of the action with the cousins. He does so well entertaining the younger ones that I don’t know what they will do without him.

Avey has gained a following from her younger cousin, one of the only girls. They’ve become good friends in the short time.

We have a few more days here, and then we’ll steal my sister away and bring her back to Indiana. Then it’s just a little longer before school starts up!


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