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This week was a bit more of a challenge than usual, as Kira’s mother headed back home on Wednesday. Reducing the number of adults in the home made things complicated, especially with some of the other things that happened. 

Friday morning at about 3:00, Carver awoke crying as if in pain. I went in to check on him, only to find him still very sleepy and babbling nonsense. I have him a drink of water and he quickly passed out again. When he got up for the day around 5:30, he stepped out of his bed only to wince in pain when putting his weight on his left foot. I wondered if perhaps he had slept on it in such a way that it had fallen asleep, but it soon became clear that there was more going on. I had to carry him everywhere he wanted to go for the next hour or so. 

I figured that he must have twisted his ankle while he was sleeping; sometimes he likes to stick his feet in between the mattress and the wall. In any case, he did not seem to be improving. It would have been funny if he wasn’t in so much pain. He would be sitting on the couch, reading or playing something, and he would hop down on the floor, apparently forgetting how much his foot hurt when putting weight on it.

Even when we were at the hospital, waiting to get x-rays of his foot and leg, he would forget and try to run around the waiting room’s smooth, open floor. He’d stand, wince, and look at me, “Oh, it hurts!” I tried to calmly explain to him, “Yes, Carver. That’s why we’re here!”

It turned out to be no big deal; he was stomping around like normal later in the afternoon. Thank goodness it was not a repeat of the last time we took him into orthopedics.

In other news, Hakan has been looking less like some kind of alien and more like a person. His eyes are clearing up nicely and he’s getting more alert and interactive. He’s also completely unpredictable at night. A few nights this week he slept superbly in between feedings, but last night he was up most of the night, apparently having trouble with gas or something. We are excited for that stage to end.

Father’s Day comes with good timing this year, as I’ve gotten extra time with my offspring lately. As much work as it is to keep them from going all Lord-of-the-Flies on each other, they are a joy to have around. Avey made me a Father’s Day card this morning. On the inside, it reads, “I love you father! with all my h[e]art! I wish your de[a]th wo[u]ld never start!”

I might have focused on the fun things we do together, but drawing attention to my mortality is one way to do it! It’s nice to know I am loved and wanted.

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