• Elijah Ricks

Merritt Moves

The day has officially arrived: Merritt can crawl.

He seemed so close for so long that it should not seem this novel to us, but we feel wholly unprepared for this development. It is probably not so much that he can crawl, but the fact that now he is also trying to climb up things to which he can get.

Now, our filthy floor seems even filthier to us, and the hard edges on all of our surfaces seem jagged. He has not had any major tumbles yet, but as he branches out and dares to do more feats, we are sure to have some episodes. He has thus far pulled himself to a standing position at the couch, a toy castle we have, a child-sized red table, and our kitchen chairs. As we depart for Colorado next week and he has free reign over two other homes, he’s certainly going to enjoy his newfound mobility.

The unfortunate part of the week is that Carver has really come down with something. His throat has hurt quite a bit for the last few days, but he came down with a fever last night. Yesterday seems to have been the worst of it, although who knows? The last time we thought he was just about on the mend, he came down with pneumonia. We are keeping a close eye on him, and hope to have him back to his old self soon. With the way these things go, the other five of us will come down with it a couple of hours into our road trip so that we can pass it on to the cousins…

I finished all of my grading for the semester, so that is a nice load off of my back. Still, next semester is beginning to look foreboding: I will be preparing a new course, teaching two of my normal courses, and have two independent study students (with a third trying to stir something up). I am going to try to enjoy a little time off, and especially avoid the commute.

Avey is looking forward to her winter break as well. She put on two shows at her school over the last several days; one was with orchestra, and the other was with her normal music class. We would have enjoyed them more, but we had to wrestle Hakan into holding still so he wouldn’t steal the show.

Hakan is still working on his independence, but he does seem to have calmed a bit. Avey and he have become better (and loud) friends while Carver’s been out of commission. Perhaps that will continue even after he gets better.

If you did not receive our family Christmas letter today in your email account, then I do not have your most current address. If you would like to rectify that, please contact me!


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