• Elijah Ricks

Merry Daddy’s Day

Another anarchy-filled week has ended, but by this time next week we should be all moved in to our new home!

We’ve been packing like crazy as much as possible with all else that we have going on. Swimming lessons started up on Monday, and the three oldest kids are enrolled. Hakan was very excited to join, and started off really well. He moved up a station, but was in a foul mood the next day (one of his stubborn streaks), and so he opted to stay with the first station, learning to kick in the water and get familiar with blowing bubbles, and so on. Carver and Avey are progressing nicely, and we’ve got one week left of that. 

My troubled tooth seems all the way healed now, so I feel a little silly having delayed getting it filled at that first appointment, but I suppose it’s good to be cautious, too. I am not scheduled to get the crown filled back up permanently for another couple of weeks, so I am stuck chewing with only the left side of my mouth for that long. It’s already been 4 weeks or so chewing with only my left, so I feel like I’ll have to relearn how to eat when the time comes.

Friday was a whirlwind day. After swim lessons in the morning, we quickly fed the kids and then got 3 of them to a babysitter’s house so that we could take Carver with us to a meeting with a dietitian in Chicago. We were glad to get many of our questions answered, but bothered by how much of the time the dietitian spent going over things we already knew or were already doing. We made it back to pick up our kids quite a bit later than we’d hoped.

Merritt has made enormous progress in his speech this last week. He’s nailed down the “k” sound much better, thanks primarily to saying the title of the movie, Coco, which is now on Netflix. He still won’t try saying “Carver” or “Hakan,” but he’s getting much better at other words and phrases.

Hakan has been pretty funny lately, too. He will often use a word or phrase and then immediately ask what that word or phrase means. For example, he might say, “Dad, I’m very frustrated. Dad, what does frustrated mean?” He almost always uses them correctly, so I figure he’s just trying to clarify or confirm that he knows his stuff.

As a Father’s Day present for me, Avey and I went to see the latest Star Wars story, Solo. That was a lot of fun to break up the normal chaos of the day. It was also a big relief to get out of the hot and humid house. We hit 90 degrees outside yesterday, and all of the stress on the AC finally put it to the test. We realized that it wasn’t working very well, so had a guy come and check the refrigerant level. Now it’s much more tolerable, but the theater was downright cool.

This week is exciting as we finish our packing, my sister joins us on Thursday, we close on the house on Friday, and then we move in on Saturday! It’s felt like a long time waiting for the day to come, but now I feel like I need another week!

All our love to our dads and grandfathers!


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