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You will recall a resolution we recently set for Avey for the New Year, and the circumstances necessitating it. I am pleased to announce that, as of approximately 45 minutes prior to this post, she did, in fact, go poo poo in the potty all by herself.


Since first trying, she has been very good at sitting on the potty and “practicing,” but that has always been right after filling her diaper. We noticed just a few days ago that she tends to enjoy hiding in the curtains just before such incidents, and soon struck an epiphany.

Avey, being the dainty, archetypal princess that she is of course found it abhorrent to admit any hint of lower, animal functions (the process, not the results). Thus, she concentrated her efforts toward concealing said animal functions as much as possible. We, the naïve parents, had up until today stood right next to her as she sat on the potty, giving her words of encouragement. This, of course, was counterproductive, placing emphasis on the very thing she was trying to deny was part of her being.

And so after lunch, Avey ran to hide behind the curtain again, and we suggested that she hide in the bathroom on the potty. She concurred and we left her to her own devices for a few minutes. Upon completion, she announced the results and we entered cheering. We hope this is a new beginning!

In other news, while driving in the car early last week, Avey requested “When you coming down song.” By this, she of course meant “Star Baby” by Marcy Playground. It has become a habit now that when we get in the car, she makes the request and kicks her legs and nods her head to the beat. To listen to the entire song, click here and skip to the 2nd song. Here she is dancing to part of it:

We thought it was so cute that I emailed the band to let them know they have fans of all ages. Funnily enough, I learned it on the guitar and every time I try to play it for her she gets mad at me. I guess I’ll never be as marketable as John Wozniak. Nice to know my daughter shares some of my taste in music though!

#Happenings #LittleGems

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