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Carver’s going to be 3 this week. It’s a little sad and a little exciting to have him getting older. 

This morning Avey and I were wrapping a gift for him in her room. Carver walked in just as we had placed the last strip of tape on his gift. Naturally, he asked what we were doing. Avey explained that we were wrapping his present. He was excited and, seeing the roll of wrapping paper on the floor, he concluded that his present must be concealed inside. He picked it up and unrolled the rest of the paper that was on it, then squealed with delight when he discovered the treasure inside – a cardboard roll! He thanked Avey and me several times for the great present while he danced through our rooms using it as a telescope, a sword, a walking stick, and so on. 

At least he is easy to please. With any luck he’ll enjoy his real presents half as much.

It was another busy week trying to knock out more of my dissertation, and trying to keep the insanity of the household within acceptable limits. Avey was preoccupied with her science fair this week, and Hakan has been busy exploring every square inch of the bottom 24 inches of the place. He’ll be walking around the place in no time.


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