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Avey was sick late last week and had a fever on Monday. The funny thing is that we weren’t really sure if she was sick or just teething or what, because she mostly just refused to eat much and had more trouble sleeping. Other than that she was pretty calm.

Come Tuesday, we felt pretty bad about not being more understanding of her discomfort and doing more to help her symptoms, because we had caught it! It started off with a sore throat and quickly spread to plug up our noses. I had a bad fever and was looking forward to getting to bed early. Even though I took something for nighttime symptom relief, I was basically up all night with the songs from Charlotte’s Web (cartoon version) stuck in my head. Thank goodness I’m out of school for the summer!

We’ve slowly been getting more sleep and we’re mostly recovered from the symptoms, but boy, what a nasty week!

Some of Avey’s favorite phrases lately are:

  1. blow on it

  2. no I don’t

  3. right there

  4. wanna watch somepin

  5. wanna go on a walk

  6. cook somepin

  7. bye, love you!

  8. how doin’?

  9. holy cow!

  10. a welcome (you’re welcome)

#Happenings #LittleGems

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