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It must be a liberating feeling for an infant to realize that he or she has the power of movement. After spending around 9 months dependent upon adults to carry them, a little one must feel empowered to cast off the invisible shackles and explore the environment. Carver has finally reached this milestone. Although he has not quite perfected his method, he moved a confirmed 4 feet distance this morning. We’ve not yet caught it on video, but we’re sure to have many more opportunities as he becomes more ambitious.

With the excitement of this new development comes the worry we parents have that he will get into something he shouldn’t, or go places he oughtn’t. If my brothers and I are any indication, we should expect that Carver will attempt to sneak into the neighborhood soon, unbeknownst to his loving parents. 

It is a difficult balance to find; encouraging his progress while hindering what and where he can get. We keep all of the really cool stuff out of reach, and his sister’s room (the promised land for little explorers) will no doubt be locked up tight when she’s not around.

Luckily, Carver seems to be easily entertained by just about any two things that he can hit against each other, providing they make a noise of some sort.


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