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Mommies’ Day

On this Mother’s Day 2013, my children and I celebrate their wonderful, patient mother and my beautiful, talented, virtuous wife. Kira deserves more praise than I can fit onto this blog, but I will try and summarize a little bit here.

Aside from holding a Master’s Degree from a major private university and being licensed to practice psychotherapy in two states, Kira is a dedicated, patient, and skilled counselor to her clients. She is an ideal person for her field, as shown by her selfless and warm nature. She thrives on meaningful interaction, and is especially skilled at understanding others’ emotions. How fortunate our children and I are to have her close by when difficult times arise!

Kira also runs a successful business on top of her other responsibilities. She is the marketing department, book keeper, administration, board of directors, and work force all at the same time.

I argue that her greatest accomplishments to date are our beautiful children. Avey is bright, caring, and outgoing, very much a product of her mother. Carver loves music and dancing, and is energetic and warm – all traits he shares with Kira. They will love and respect her for the rest of their lives, as we love and respect our own mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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