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More Milestones

We are pleased to announce the reaching of several important moments in our children’s development this week. In the following video, for example, Carver learned to tolerate Dad’s odd games.

Avey had her second haircut ever. She wanted it as short as Kira’s, which meant that it would be reduced in length by about half. Kira coached her through what that would mean, and that it would probably be more than a year to get it back to its previous length. Avey confirmed her choice and here is the finished product:

In another great feat of strength and endurance, Carver learned to roll over yesterday. We had been growing concerned about his lack of progress, but then he rolled over 3 times with little difficulty. When we celebrated with cheers and smiles, he expressed indifference. He watched our jubilance with curiosity, as if to say, “What’s the big deal? Can’t you guys do that?”

Kira accepted a new assignment at church today also. She has been working as the RS Secretary since we moved here, and today was asked to teach a Family Relations class.

Aside from milestones, Avey grows increasingly annoyed with my occasional bursting into song (a habit I must have picked up from my father). She revealed to me some time ago that she likes only “silly” and “beautiful” songs, and apparently my songs fit neither of those stringent criteria. I decided that I would, therefore, try some of the silliest songs I know. I sang the “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells” classic we all know and love, and it apparently earned Avey’s approval. She requested it a few times since that day, and got quite interested in the song’s background. She said to me, “I wonder what that song means. Why is Batman stinky? How could a human lay an egg? What happened to the Batmobile’s wheel? Why would a boy learn ballet?

Maybe we’ll work more on dissolving gender stereotypes after the Olympics are over.

#Happenings #LittleGems

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