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Moving Blog

Dear readers,

The site that hosts this blog has recently become prohibitively expensive, and so I have decided to move the blog back to Blogger. I'm going to slowly work on getting all of the posts from this site moved back to Blogger, but it will likely take some time. However, all new posts will be there. This week's is at

For now, the blog is open as long as you have the right address:

In the next couple of weeks, however, I will restrict access to the blog to keep it private. Please let me know if you would like new posts sent to you automatically and I'll be happy to do that. I won't be able to do that for a few more months as I'm adding in posts from the last few years (because then you would get notices every time I move one of the old posts).

In any case, thank you for your interest in our family, and I hope that this move is the last one I'll need to make...

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