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Really not much to say this week. Nothing really new. The biggest thing is that we’re working on finding a different apartment. This one is really great: roomy, lots of parking, fantastic ward, close to work, excellent landlords, etc., but we’re aching for a dishwasher (Eli’s hands are constantly looking more like prunes) and a washer and dryer in the unit. We looked at one place that was more expensive than ours, in a worse location, much more dirty, and the tenants had a dog. Lame. We then got a heads up from our good friends, the Calls, who will be moving in March. Their place was much more promising, with much more room than we’d need, and a dishwasher, but would still be coin-operated laundry around the corner shared with other apartments. The more we look, the more we love our apartment. So we’re considering just installing one of those portable dishwashers and making do with the coin-op laundry down the stairs. Off the record, Eli doesn’t think it’s that bad, but Kira is admittedly picky about it all. We still haven’t given up the hunt, so if anyone has any tips, pass them on to us. In other news, we got new phones and put Jesse on our calling plan so that he can finally have a phone! So we think we’re pretty cool. And after a disappointing loss to stinking San Diego State, our cougars will have some fine-tuning to do before facing Air Force in Colorado Springs coming up. And I’m sure this is the most interesting thing anyone has read all day. Maybe go to Jack Handey’s site (a link is conveniently located to your right) for a few laughs and your visit to our blog won’t be a total loss this time. Kisses, -Eli

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