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Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Our Sunday night ended with snowfall, and so the kids were all excited for sledding on MLK Day, when they had school off. I did a little bit of work before my semester was due to start Tuesday, and then we started to get the kids excited for sledding after lunch. Hannah, who had gone into work, was near the park where we sled, so we texted her about our plans. She sent photos showing that it was actually rather muddy, so we tried to get the kids' expectations low in case it didn't work out. Luckily, we found plenty of ice and slush among the mud.

The kids had a grand time, and so did the adults. I mostly kept Apollo on a tight leash as he covered as much ground as possible, sniffing at everything and marking his territory. But we were glad that that day turned out to be a fun one.

That was the big highlight of the week, but there's been plenty to keep us busy. In a huge turn of events, Merritt started officially potty training, thanks to Kira's hard work and focus. His first day went very well, and he was really into the whole thing. Naturally, the second day was the worst as he'd lost a bit of interest, and the routine got old. He's still doing really well now, although he resists going when it's time. He put up a big fight before church today, but finally did go, and even went at church twice! We are excited to see the end of diapers in this house!

My semester began on Tuesday, and it's been busy, but good. I teach 3 courses in a row on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I've never done it, but it's been okay so far. We'll see if that remains true in a few more weeks.

Kira's also been very busy with the Talent Show coordination at Carver and Hakan's school. She's had trouble getting a hold of the DJ, so we went to a bunch of trouble burning songs to CD just to have him ask for .mp3s later. In any case, we're very excited to see Carver do his dancing this Thursday!

Avey signed up to do intramural basketball this semester, so that's exciting. It starts up this week, so we hope that she has a good time. Her shoes were in very sad shape, so she and I went on some errands yesterday, including getting her some basketball shoes.

In general news, it's finally been a snowy winter for us. We've had snow on the ground for most of the week, and it snowed almost all day yesterday, though it simultaneously melted as it built up, at about 34 degrees all day. Even so, we made fun out of it when we could.

Hannah's glad that the roads have not been too bad for her bus routes. She's tried out several vehicles, and is learning new routes all the time. She's keeping up with it well, although it seems that the early mornings are trying.

I gave the boys their haircuts on Saturday, and Hakan requested a Mohawk. He was so excited with how it turned out! He decided that, even though he turned down my offer to make the sides even shorter yesterday, he'd like me to do it today, so that should make it even more pronounced. What's funny is that he's also been into temporary tattoos lately, and likes them on his forearms, so that when he's in a short-sleeved shirt, he looks like some kind of pro-wrestler or a member of a motorcycle gang or something.

Both Hannah and Kira taught lessons at church today, and it sounds like they went pretty well. Still, they are glad to have that weight off of their shoulders.

My 5th course meets for the first time tomorrow, but that's a fun course, and a more intimate group, so I think it should be fun.

Kira had a potential client call earlier in the week, and they are set up to meet on Friday of this week. The person found her online and liked her picture, saying she looks nice. We hope that this one will stay committed to therapy, and that her business will grow!

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