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Murphy’s Law

Friday night, Kira and I had a rare chance to attend a rock concert by one of my favorite bands, Marcy Playground. They were actually the first rock band I had ever seen in concert about 11 years ago, so it was great to see them again. The problem is that the concert was two hours away, and when we got there the concert started about an hour late, and there was an opening band, so we didn’t get to see MP until about 11pm. Then there was a pretty good snow covering the highway, so long story short, we didn’t get home until about 4am. My generous mother babysat for us, and Avey was good enough to sleep in a little longer than usual so we could get in about 3 hours of sleep. Of course, then came the part where Avey taught us a valuable lesson; she is in charge. She opted not to take a nap the whole day, meaning that Mommy and Daddy had to nap in shifts.

We’re almost recovered now, after a good 8-9 hours of consecutive sleep, but what a rough day. It’s a good thing the concert was so good!

Here’s a brief video of Avey from yesterday. She emptied this drawer a little at a time and, after telling me I was welcome, she would remind me that she is “very so polite.”

Life is busy otherwise. I’m sure you can all relate to that!


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