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Over our “vacation” to Colorado, my generous aunt and uncle offered us their van to make the trip more comfortable (our transition to a family of four has revealed that our little station wagon is not the most luxurious way to travel 600 miles). The van includes, among other technological miracles, side doors that open with the use of a remote. I think it was my uncle who first demonstrated this feature to Avey, introducing it by having her say “abracadabra” . 

My daughter was beyond impressed. The entire trip, she insisted that she had to say the incantation each time we needed to open or close either of the side doors. Of course, there were two other buttons within the van that could perform the same function, but if Avey witnessed Kira or me pressing said buttons, she accused us of cheating. 

After a while, the game seemed to be getting a little old for us adults. We tried to explain to Avey that we needed to use the buttons to get the doors to open or close, but she adamantly insisted that we were mistaken – the doors are magic! We decided not to burst her bubble, as it at least occupied her curiosity. For the last few days we used only the remotes to get in or out of the van for fear of dashing her sense of fantasy into pieces.


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