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Name Calling

Alright world, we think that we are ready to announce our second child’s name. We reserve the right to change this in the future, but it’s been sticking pretty well for about a month now, and Avey is even on board, so we believe we have a winner. Our son will be henceforth known as

Carver Cope Ricks

Or, as many have already begun to affectionately call him, “CCR”. Naturally, the middle and last names are family names, and the first name is what we have decided will describe him for the rest of his life. When I close my eyes and attempt to envision the boy in the near future, I imagine him searching high and low for some relatively sharp object with which he might sculpt some shape out of another. He and I will probably spend our evenings out on the porch, watching the sun set, whittling away at some twigs he found during his daily exploits, talking of life, puppies, bouncy balls, and the best ways to sneak a cookie without Kira knowing about it. 

It’s also a distinct possibility that he will never once take a knife to a piece of wood, of course, so I’ve come up with a few other ways for him to earn his first name. He could theoretically carve the following:

  1. Butter with a dull knife

  2. Pumpkins on or near Halloween

  3. Cheese, although he is more likely to “slice” such a thing. We considered naming him “Slicer” for this reason (a pretty cool name too), but that seemed destined to turn him into a serial killer. 

  4. Features into a snowman

  5. Certain precious metals out of rock – after all, his father is a UTEP Miner.

  6. An empire into smaller, more manageable states

The list could go on and on, but we’re fairly certain that one or more of these will be appropriate, thus justifying our name choice. In any case, we are excited to welcome him into the world and our family!


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