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As with most newborns, Carver tends to focus visually on contrast between light and dark. This has led to a rather interesting ritual in our home. We have a dark brown ceiling fan in our living room, and it is contrasted against an off-white ceiling, so we naturally expect that it might catch Carver’s interest. But it seems to go beyond interest for him sometimes. He seems to have developed an unhealthy relationship with the fan. We can tell this by the facial expressions he has when he’s inspecting it. The other day he was beginning to drift off to sleep, as he often does, when he suddenly caught himself and resisted the urge to close his eyes. As soon as he did, he shot a look at the ceiling fan that seemed to say, “Ha! Thought you had me there, didn’t you?”

We catch him giving the fan these bitter, suspecting glares nearly every time he catches a glimpse of it. Half of the time I’m certain that the reason he doesn’t drift off to sleep at night is for fear of the ceiling fan catching him off guard. He probably spends most of his awake time plotting to get the ceiling fan as soon as he can get a hold of a long stick. I don’t dare show him that the fan can rotate; he might interpret that as an attempt to draw first blood. If he ever burns our place down, I’m pretty sure it’ll be to get the ceiling fan before it gets him.

…At least it provides some entertainment for us. We’re so sleep-deprived that we’ll settle for just about anything these days. In fact, I’m running on so little sleep that I sometimes wonder if the ceiling fan is out to get me too. 

#Happenings #Humor

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