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With Avey’s increased studies of late, Carver has had fewer distractions at home. He finally has the time to delve into his own interests, rather than working to entertain his big sister at every waking moment. It turns out that he is a bit of a bookworm. 

With increasing frequency, Kira and I get a very unsettling feeling – as if something is very wrong. It usually comes about when the volume of the household has dropped to tolerable levels. As we find ourselves once again able to hear our thoughts, we panic for a moment and frantically search for Carver – certain that he must be injured to have gotten so quiet.

Fortunately, we find him silently engaged in his own studies, methodically researching the intricacies of colors, shapes, counting, puppies, and so on. He typically plops down in front of his bookshelf, and goes through one book at a time, page by page, occasionally pausing to announce something he recognizes.

It is a good feeling to see our children so eager to learn, and so capable of being quiet for several minutes at a time.

#Happenings #LittleGems

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