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Everybody has quirks. I really prefer to have my drinking water cold. I like to have shoes on unless it’s bedtime. We all have little things like this that do not necessarily make sense, but we just need them to be that way. 

Avey surprised us with one of her quirks earlier this week. We went to check on her in the night and found her asleep on the floor at the foot of her bed, surrounded by her stuffed animals. Here is a reenactment:

This may be fairly normal behavior for a girl of her age. When I was a kid, we would sometimes sleep on the living room floor just to shake things up. But nothing was ever quite the same as my own bed. Avey has not slept in her bed for about a week now, instead preferring to cozy up with her large teddy bear, and slumber where most people would walk. She seems to be sleeping well enough, so we are thinking we’ll just wait this phase out.

Carver showed his perfectionist side yesterday at the park. There was a small play area for toddlers, and he had a grand time climbing up the structure, and then going down the slide. Unfortunately, the slide took a little practice to get the landing down. His first two dismounts ended up with his rear on the ground. By the third, he had planted his feet. He proceeded to repeat the process 40 to 50 times, attempting to get the perfect landing. Each time he was dissatisfied, he would say, “Try again!” and book it back up to the top of the slide. Each time he nailed the landing, he’d raise his arms in triumph and declare, “I did it!”

We had to tear the poor kid away for a bath eventually. Something tells me we will be back at that park soon.


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