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Carver’s language skills are pretty advanced for a boy his age, but he still faces many struggles with the English language. Lately, he’s had a lot of trouble with trying to describe something he wants. For example, the other day he said to me in the car, “Dad, I wanted to play with the thing.” In times like this, the burden falls on me to come up with creative questions to discover what it is to which he is referring. It’s like a game of 20 questions, but Carver does not seem to understand the point. Today, for example, Carver said, “Dad, I want to watch the Mickey show.” That narrowed it down to several hundred possibilities, but I still needed more information. “Which Mickey show?” I asked. “The Mickey show,” he replied. “Yes, Carver, but I don’t know which Mickey show you want. There are lots of Mickey shows.” Carver, getting frustrated, enunciates and punctuates each word. “The Mick-ey Show!” I was forced to resort to other avenues of information gathering. “Well, can you tell me who else is in the show?” Carver, with a frown and forlorn tone, replied, “No, just the Mickey show.” Avey pipes in and tries, “Are there songs in the Mickey show?” Carver affirms that there are, but he does not know how they go. Again, we’re back to square one. I ask, “Carver, what does Mickey do in the show?” Carver, trying with all of his might to clarify, explains, “He just walks around.”

Thanks, son. That helps a great deal.

Eventually we settled him into a show in which Mickey makes an appearance, but who knows if it’s the one about which he was talking? At least he enjoyed it. 

Hakan has been so close to crawling this week that it is painful. Avey caught this footage on her little tablet: 


He gets on all fours and rocks back and forth as if he could take off at any second. We put toys just out of reach in front of him, and he does slowly inch his way forward, but it is nowhere near a clean, fluid motion. He’ll get there, but it may be a couple more weeks.

Kira has come down with a pretty fierce cold or flu or something. She has chills and aches, and usually a headache. Luckily, I do not start school for another few days, so I’ve been available to head up the household, and keep the kids in line.

If only I could do something about Hakan’s incessant feeding schedule…

#Happenings #LittleGems

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