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Nunchucks and Grad Schools

Well, the polls are in, and I am officially going to the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. Unfortunately, this is somewhat by default, as all the other schools “regret[ed] to inform [me]…” blah blah blah. But hey, that’s cool. I’m just glad the first letter I got was an acceptance, and we get to move back home!

For you avid readers out there, here’s a little update on Avey’s sleep; for most naps, she goes down without any crying. In fact, sometimes when we lay her down, she’ll calm down even more, as if she had been waiting for us to do it. She still cries through some occasional naps, but overall is much much better.

Some other fun news is that Eli finally has nunchuck skills! For Tae Kwon Do, I’ve had to get familiar with them in order to teach, and made enough progress that Kira even got me my own pair for Valentine’s Day. I know: romantic. We split class on Friday and I taught the lower belts nunchucks while the instructor taught the higher belts the bo staff. It went very well and they’re surprisingly fun when I’m not hitting myself.

We had a quiet Valentine’s Day. Dad worked, Mom took care of the little one. Mom dropped in on Dad at work and said hi for a minute, and Dad got a heart-shaped pizza for dinner. We spent the rest of the evening trying to get Avey to sleep, so we’ll probably do something fun this Monday (holiday). Stay tuned for more Ricks adventures…

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