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Of Beasts and Bowels

Our big adventure of this week was a whole-day outing to the zoo! We packed up food, diapers, and sun block, and headed out on the 10-minute drive. We spent nearly the entire day checking out all of the awesome exhibits. The kids had a blast, as did Kira and I.

The zoo is much too big to see everything in one visit, and naturally the kids wanted to see the exhibits that were as far from each other as possible. We did our best to see as much as we could, but we have our work cut out for us next visit. 

In other (and arguably bigger) news, yesterday Carver was looking through the underwear we have waiting for him, and then announced that he is ready to start using the big-boy potty. We were excited to hear that, as we had been mentally preparing to finally focus on potty training this coming Monday. It’s nice when things like that coincide. Kira told him that he could start after “church day” which he understood as right after getting home from church today. He had been thinking about it all day, and got right into his underwear once he came in the door. After sitting on the potty for maybe 15 minutes, he had his very first success! 

We are thrilled to have him make this developmental stride, and cannot wait to start changing fewer diapers between the boys. 


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